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Unblock Restricted Websites

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Internet is the tool through which we can get anything from anywhere from all over the world. The internet is a vast platform for anyone to gather knowledge about anything. There is a quote that “every coin has two sides” same as that the usage of internet depends upon the user.

What is Website blocking?

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The ISP (Internet Service Provider) is the one who decides what we surf on the Internet. The ISP companies follow direct rules assigned to them by Government Agencies who manages the Internet. Internet is free for everyone but with restrictions. The Indian Government has issued IT ACT in 2000 which states that if any website is working without following the rules decided to them then government has the right to take the site down. The blocking of the websites managed by the ISP’s after getting the permission of the Government.

What is VPN?

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VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the tool that can help the users to access the websites and contents blocked in there region. Like NETFLIX contents are not available outside the particular region. The VPN uses P2P (Peer to Peer) connection through which it connects it users through its private servers and connects them with the server available that country. The Internet speed will become low because of the multiple server connections of VPN. Many VPN companies created the VPN on the Islands or the Countries who don’t have any restriction on the usage of data.

There are two types of VPN’s available in the market Free or Paid. Many Free VPN provides basic VPN features like changing the server location and hiding the public IP and they also record the users browsing history in the form of logs. The Paid or the VPN’s which requires the Subscriptions provides full anonymity across the internet. The pricing of some VPN’s are very much costly and some VPN’s are affordable.

Choosing the Right VPN

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Choosing the right VPN becomes an headache because there are a lot of VPN’s available in the market. To choose a right VPN for you should look for these features:

  1. Server Location: Location of VPN server matters because if the server is near to your current location then of-course you will get fast internet.
  2. Features: VPN should be log-less. This feature is the must have feature for any VPN you choose and second that it should use security measures like 256-bit AES encryption.
  3. Platform support: If you are going to use the VPN then there is high chance than you will also use it on your other devices like your phone and your desktop. Always look for the VPN which provides multi platform support.
  4. Price: There are many VPN which provides same feature at different prices so, you have to select the affordable one.

Some recommended VPN

Here are some recommended VPN’s and most of them are Free and they are also log-less.

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