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Google Camera 6.2 For Mi A1

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Xiaomi Mi A1 is getting major security patches every month. There is a chance that it will receive Android Q update through OTA.

Google Camera 📷 is updates to new version 6.2 which has some new features like Dark Mode, some new Animation Transitions and Flash icon on selfie. There is one more feature called Kissing Mode which will take image when it detects kissing in Photobooth mode.

How to Install Google Camera 6.2 on Mi A1

Follow these steps to successfully install Google Camera 6.2

Remember to uninstall the previously installed Google Camera app.


  1. Download the Google Camera from here.
  2. Install the App.
  3. Open the app grant all the permissions.
  4. Now go to settings here you will find new Dark Mode option.

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