Let Observe the 21 day Lock-down

21 day lockdown in India,
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Currently the whole world is suffering and fighting from one of the dangerous virus i.e. Corona Virus. People are facing a lot of difficulties and are fighting for their survival. Meanwhile, there are some positive and heart-warming incidents and action are happening around the nation.

Unbelievable Nature:

  • View of Himalaya from Jalandhar, Punjab. According to residential, this view come after approximately 30 years and was invisible because of air pollution. This View is approximately 250+ km from Jalandhar.

himalaya from jalandhar,

  • One of the sacred river of India, The Yamuna is healing itself. Because of less pollution, the river is becoming clean on its own.

clean river during lockdown,

  • As per the System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting And Research (SAFAR), nitrogen oxide levels in the atmosphere since March 5, 2020 have fallen by approximately 45% and 50% in various India metro cities.

Animal and Human:

  • In many parts of the nation, large number of people are struggling for their one time food which is a black mark on humanity. Meanwhile, large number of ordinary people and government’s employee are distributing food. This shows the Human cooperation in bad times and an evidence for the existence of Humanity.

strangled people during lockdown,

  • 21 day lock-down has asked people to stay at their home for their safety, as a result wild animals are roaming around the city (earlier their homes, forest). The beautiful pictures of various animals roaming around cities are caught by many.

animals roaming around cities during lockdown,

  • Staying at home for that long period is stressful, thus, Police are working in an efficient way to curb the disease as well entertain the people at home as well. Like many police men are found singing around the cities and below apartments.

We can defeat this novel Corona Virus by uniting ourselves. And the first thing to do defeat this virus is to stay at home for our and other’s safety. This 21 day lock-down is for the people, not against the people. In one hand, this lock-down is protecting us from this virus and on other hand it is giving time to heal the nature on its own.

We don’t need to clean and protect the environment, we just need not to pollute them.


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