4 Tech Products For Fitness Freak

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When it comes to gifting something to our loved ones as a token of love it becomes very difficult to even think. This becomes even harder when we have to decide what to gift to our fitness freak friends. Therefore, to ease the pain, I have tried to help you out with the Top 4 cool tech gadgets in fitness.

Gift These Amazing 4 Tech Products To Your Fitness Freak Friends.

1. Water Bottle with Automatic LED Temperature Display

It comes with intelligent temperature measurement. This technology helps to keep the hot water for 12 hrs and iced for 24 hours under normal conditions. Mesh strainer removes every tiny bit of dirt particles to make clean and fresh water.

This bottle does not require any charging and has resistant for 5 years. A tactical LED display shows the temperature level of the water just with a gentle touch. It can be used to keep coffee, tea, water, or any hot or cold beverages

2. Massage Gun for Muscles Deep Tissue

For any muscle to grow to its full potential, proper relaxation and repair are required. The need increase after working out or doing any regress physical activity. Massage gun is again an awesome tech gadget that has made it easier to relax the muscles.

WellNEX massage gun comes with 6 replaceable massage bullets and 3 different controllable speeds. Each bullet is designed in such a way to target every muscle in the body even the larger muscles.

It is effective in reducing the neck, back, shoulder, hip, calves, and soles pain.

3. GOQii Fitness Watch With Body Temperature and Blood Pressure Tracker

Checking the number of calories burnt during a workout, or listening to your favorite fitness track could lead your fitness journey to a new level. With the GOQii fitness watch, you can not only do these things but also can keep track of your blood oxygen level by intelligently monitoring your blood oxygen levels.

24/7 heart monitoring and Auto Sleep tracking. Track all-day activity like steps, distance, calories burned, active time.

Multiple customize watch faces, find my phone, music control, camera, stopwatch, timer, raise to wake, alarms, inactivity alerts

Smart notification: reading phone notification such WhatsApp, Facebook, calls, SMS on watch

4. MOVTOTOP Jump Rope

Jump rope is one of my favorite workouts to do. You can reach your desired weight by just religiously jumping rope for about 30-40 minutes. Technology has done a great innovation in traditional jump rope by adding calorie counter, speed, weight counter, alarm, circles, etc.

It is light as just middle-of-the-road which makes it easier for the beginner.

It comes with anti-skid handles, adjustable length, sturdy and durable rope, and tangle-free speed.

The Bottom Line

These products might sound expensive but carry a beneficial feature that’s can not be ignored by a fitness freak. Gift them and see their reaction.

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