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A message from Earth

Earth Day, a message from earth,
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It’s clear that Earth wants to convey a message. And that message is just to protect her. A Planet is asking for her safety only. We humans had harmed a lot to nature and still harming, but she never ask for help. But, this time she is asking with some serious message like locust attack, fire in Australia, Amazon, Corona Pandemic etc. It’s a sign that if we will continue to harm the earth, the consequent will be disastrous.

What’s the Fault?

Nature has given the most advance mind to humans, so we are progressing ourselves in every field. But, with the advancement, deterioration is also there, deterioration with nature. Here’s how we are harming our Earth.

  • Deforestation is at peak, while plantation is at lowest.
  • Due to increasing population, the burden on earth has increased, there is no land for forest to do its natural cycle. It is also affecting the livelihood of animals.
  • We are dumping  waste materials (mostly untreated) to oceans and river, harming the aquatic life.
  • The Modern era is entering into 5G technology, small birds like Sparrow are going extinct because of this technology as it has higher wave sound which make them panic and lastly they died.
  • Excessive use of chemical for mass production of food grains, mining for minerals and dumping into ground, these all factors are polluting the soil and making it less or no productive.

So, an overall situation is that, we humans are pollution and degrading our earth from Forest, Soil, Water and Air to Living things.We have left no one to keep themselves isolate from our activity. At this time of various disastrous incident, Earth wants us to look at her, and change our behavior toward nature from deforestation to plantation, chemicals to natural and so on.

What we can do?

As i already mention, Humans have given the most advance mind, so we should us it to protect our earth from its destruction. And of course it is our responsibility to do so as we are the culprit of it. Here, what can we do:

  • Plantation of tree is required at individual level, if not tree, plant some small Plant in flowerpot.

earth day,

  • Try to ignore Petrol/Diesel vehicle as much possible and prefer Electric Vehicle.
  • Harvesting of water at Home level. Like, we can use the water left after washing cloth in cleaning house.
  • Keeping water bowl, making small homes, and keeping food grains in our home balcony, roof and at any open place for birds.

These are some Individual effort which we can do for betterment of our earth. On large scale, we can do a more lot, but we all are busy in ourselves.

Since we are busy in ourselves and not able to do anything for nature, its alternative is to not pollute the earth. If we stop polluting, it will heal itself, Like it is healing itself in the time of Lock -Down all over the world.



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