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Avengers 4 End Game Trailer Review

Avengers 4 end game trailer released -
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Started with Avengers Assemble the era of uniting the Heros started. The vision of Stan Lee was clear that uniting these heroes will create a new universe. Now it was clear to everyone that every superhero lives in same universe. The Marvel Franchise has introduced a lot of new superheroes from comics to real world like Vision, Black Panther and some new Villain like Thanos.

Avengers 3 or the Infinity war shows us the story of the magical stones that is proliferated in the whole universe and welding them in Gauntlet can give the power to the Gauntlet holder. Thanos used this power to wipe out half of the universe.

Thanos Snap Infinity war

In the wiping process many of our heros also became dust. The theory is not clear yet about What happened to the heroes, did they died or went into the soul stone world. In the last scene we saw that Nick Fury send the message to the Captain Marvel.

Infinity war


What’s in the Trailer?

Trailer starts with the Tony Stark recording message in his Armours helmet to Pepper Potts and telling her that “the part of the journey is the end”. Avengers now know that Thanos had wiped 50% of the universe and the best part is that Hawkeye is back.

Ant Man is in the Avengers 4 End Game that reveals he figured a way to get out of the Quantum Realm.

Wrapping up

This part of Avengers is going to be block-bustered and obviously it will win millions of heart. End Game going to clear all the suspense that Avengers Infinity war gave so far to its fans. The concept of Time Travel can possibly be included in this part because of the Quantum Realm (in Quantum Realm the time is different from the earth). Trailer of the Captain Marvel is released and Spiderman is going to release tommorow. Marvel is going to take over all other Superhero Movies very soon.

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