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Basic Linux Commands

Basic Linux commands
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Linux is one of the popular Operating System in this world. Almost all the companies use Linux for their servers because Linux provides better performance than competitive Operating Systems. Linux has one main powerful tool called Terminal which lets the user execute commands. With terminal commands, you can do almost anything. You can also create a matrix like an effect in the terminal. The exact working of the terminal is complex but in simple words, it takes user input from the keyboard and passes it to the OS.


Linux supports a huge range of commands. If you are a Linux beginner than you should know these basic Linux commands:


mkdir allows users to create a new directory/folder.

The syntax of mkdir: mkdir folder_name.


using ls you can view all the files and folder.

ls -l

The ls-l command will show all files and folder with permissions.


The most simple thing we can do in Linux is to move between directories. To move to a directory let’s say Downloads we will use: cd Download

To move out of a directory: cd ..


The touch command is used to create a new file.

Syntax: touch filename.txt

you can create files with different extensions as per your choice.


This will allow you to view contents inside the file.

Syntax: cat filename.txt


Having a manual of everything can be great. Linux provides manual of each command to access them use: man command.


Nano is a text editor of Linux, to use it type: nano

To open a file in nano: nano filename.txt


To remove an empty directory from Linux we use rmdir

But if we have to delete a non-empty directory we will use rmdir -r

All the best people in life seem to like LINUX


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