Best Linux for Students in 2019

best linux for students
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Linux is a powerful and open-source operating system in the world. There are a lot of Linux distributions available. Some are just the same as ubuntu and some are available with many environment options.

Best Linux for Students

Here I have compiled a list of 3 Linux distro for programming students. These Linux variants are easy to use and don’t need any prior knowledge of Linux to use. Any student who is going to use Linux for the first time can easily use these variants without knowing any commands.

Linux Mint

linux mint

Linux Mint one of the popular Linux distro in the market.  It has one of the simple user-interface the default interface of Linux Mint resembles Windows XP which helps Linux beginners to get used to it. It has 3 desktop environments Cinnamon, MATE, and XFCE.

Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu and thus it has all the applications available for Ubuntu. The simplicity and performance of this distribution make it best then another distro’s out there.

MX Linux

mx linux

MX Linux is one of the most popular Linux distro on Distrowatch. Unlike Linux Mint it is based on  Debian with XFCE as its desktop environment. In addition to its stability, it comes with many GUI tools which makes it easier for any user who is comfortable with Windows or Mac.



Pop!_OS made by System76 is a great pick for developers or computer science professionals. It is optimized for coders. It is also a very good choice for beginners who are just starting to use Linux. It is also based on Ubuntu just like Linux Mint but the UI is a lot more smooth and intuitive. In addition to the UI, it also provides full-disk encryption.

Remember: Pop!_OS will not provide you GRUB menu if you want to dual boot Pop!_OS then you should add this line timeout 3to boot/EFI/loader.conf .

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