Building Your own Roof garden

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In Urban areas, spaces are shrinking and decreasing the nature beauty and freshness. Large population and construction has obviously decreased the urban nature. Roof gardening is one such method through which nature lover are feeling the natural beauty in smaller spaces.


Nature can adjust anywhere, if provided proper care. Roof gardening also needs higher level of care and for last long and better result, it needs some prior requirement.

  • Properly check if the roof can sustain the weight. It is mandatory to first look after the base. Since, flowers and plants need water, two times a day, it become important to check sustainability of roof for water and load.
  • Sunlight, excess and shortage of sunlight, both can cause damage of plants. The height of nearby buildings and availability of sunlight play an important role in choosing the type of plant.
  • Organic Soil is best suited for pot plants. cow manure, vegetables and fruits leftover, are some organic compound which helps in growth of plants.
  • Selection of Plants, it is the most important phase for gardening. It should be based on sunlight, water availability, space availability and your time. Some plant needs rare care but grow rapidly, however some plants need greater care.
  • Size of Pots, different plants have different size and grows differently. Like a flower pot need not be bigger, but a papaya plant need a big pot. Selection of different size is also necessary.

Look After

Looking after the pot plant is very essential. They did not last for eternal but as long as they are cared. Some plants life are less than other and some are seasonal. According to the nature of plants, its caring are observed like, sunlight, water and organic material. It become easy to protect them is using shed on your roof. Direct sunlight, rain are obstructed and helped in smooth growth. Last but not least, the beauty of roof garden lies in efforts of gardener.



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