The Remedy should not be worse than the Disease

protest against CAA and NRC,
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The famous line by Soli J Sorabjee, ‘The Remedy should not be worse than the Disease’, The Times of India (Sunday Review), February 1, 1985,  was meant for Anti-Defection Law amended in 1985. However, this line is somehow connected to the India’s current situation i.e. protest on Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Register of Citizen of India (NRC).

Disease and Remedy:

The CAA passed by Indian Parliament is a bit related to this phrase but the combination of CAA and NRC is connected to this  as the protest is also on the sum of two only.

  • Disease : From the government view, we can relate the illegal immigrant and infiltrators as the Disease, as they cross the border illegally and somehow pose threat to the Nations security. Disease, in the view that, the illegal immigration is increasing the population, putting pressure on government for more jobs, more poverty and more crimes, thus poses threat to the nation in several ways.
  • Remedy : The government policy to curb the above disease is CAA and NRC and hence can be related as the remedy. NRC would check the illegal migrant and may would deport them to their respective nation, thus this policy would help in attaining the data to differ all the Indian citizens and the illegal migrants. While CAA is totally different from this earlier policy as it works to give citizenship to migrant from three neighbor nations with some relief in registration process.

How CAA and NRC are related to the Phrase?

Though CAA and NRC are totally different, but according to “Anti CAA and NRC” people, the combination of as well as individual policy is against the Indian Constitution and would discriminate Muslims and non-muslims. Hence, a healthy democracy part, Protest, is becoming common to all part of India. But the issue is that, in several part, the protest is becoming violent and causing damage to public as well as private property.Consequently, the respond by the police and administration is causing deaths of the protesters.

If relates to ground based situation, the protesters are somehow misinformed, which is causing the violent protest. But at last, the remedy for nations security is causing the death and violence all over the India causing more serious concern to nations security.

  • There are many people all over the India, who get emphasized by terrorist group and join them, while some stay in confusion to join or not, this misinformation would give them sufficient reason to join terrorist organization.
  • Many people are using this situation to escalate the tension between two communities and thus may cause a deadly riot.
  • Internet shutdowns, in many part of country, is causing loss of billions of dollars, in the time when the economy is already in bad situation.




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