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How Companies are advertising themselves, without cost

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Nowadays, companies are using social platforms to expand their business around the world. Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn are in priority list. This may be costly for an startup and non profiting companies. Hence, they are using an another approach for advertising themselves for free. Some of these approaches are included below.


Internship is one of the major approach for advertising the company’s features and their working. Some are paid internship( rarely advertise themselves), some are unpaid and free (advertise themselves). It is important to know, how they work or misuse the students for their advertisement.

Firstly, they will provide a free internship on exclusive topics. And then accept thousand of students for their internship. In the name of internship, student will get only some link of freely available courses on internet. Now, the game of advertisement will start. Students will be asked to perform following tasks (as mandatory to get internship certification):

  • Following company’s account on social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook.
  • Like, Share and comment on their Posts.
  • Mentioning of Company’s name on Student’s professional account.
  • Regular update of internship via post with hashtags and tagging, @company, #company.
  • Sharing of their upcoming events, workshop and internships.

It could be understood from the above points that, regular sharing, following and updation of a company’s post and events by thousands of students,  helps them to advertise themselves without investing a buck.

Webinar, Workshops and various Events

Many companies approaches University and college campuses for arrangement of their seminar, workshops, webinar and other events. These events helps them in advertising their new products, or upcoming event to students, as well as looking for brilliant student. This may look not so profitable for company but yes, it helps. Lets look how:

  • Hoardings and pamphlet, directly to their customers ( students are their major customer for their courses, software and certificates ).
  • Again, sharing, Like, comments and other procedures will be followed like in Internships.
  • Interaction with fresh minds, also helps in making changes in their products whether it is a hardware product or software.

Apart from above two approaches, there can be a number of ways to advertise like by just providing a 2 days workshop on “How to create an attractive resume”. Students are misused in these strategy as they are more concern about certificates, resumes and experience. However, these strategy somehow helps the students as well; teaches time management, work management, team management, marketing and of course some new concepts.


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