Customary Morality cannot be a guide to Modern World?

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Morality are the value of individuals which helps in distinction between good and bad, right and wrong behavior towards any situation. Moral values cannot be put inside a person at certain age but it is given after birth by the parents at every situation of life which teaches something. However, Customary Morality are the morality which are related to customs, tradition of a religion, society, state or nation. Tradition practices that we do are also a party of Customary Morality but now it is not acceptable in modern world as in democratic nations social aspects are under constitution power and can be change if claims.

With the change in time, mindset of a large number of people changes and it is because of increase in literacy level, modern thoughts, good leaders and of course people know about their fundamental rights related to freedom, equality. Modern people are so much concern about their equality, freedom, privacy thus there is a need to change the rules and regulation based on costume. It was not questioned in monarchy rule because in this people don’t have proper right but still in democratic shade practices are going on but now equality, freedom, is the need of the modern world. Consequently, Many issues arose in several months in our country which are stated below.

sabarmali temple

The Case of Sabarmali Temple, where women and girls of certain age group under menstruation cycle period were not allowed to enter the temple as it will impure the purity of temple and this costume was practicing for many years. But now, literate women come forward and ask for gender equality which is being violating by this morality. However, Supreme court of India has taken the decision and allow women of all age group to enter temple saying that “Menstruation cycle is a biological process which has no relation with impurity of religious place”.

triple talak

Another issue where Customary morality was questioned in the case of Triple Talak, It was also practiced for thousands of years on the name of religion only without taking care of rights of women. Under this husbands can give their wife divorce by just saying three times talak. Many cases from different parts of nations come that on a small issue husband give divorce by just saying Talak three time, it is really surpassing the rights of life of women. Now, again the question arises and government is in favor to ban this but this process in process but it should be banned as in many Islamic nation it is already banned taking Pakistan as an example.

There are a lot of issues based on objecting customary morality is going in India right know which includes Sabarmali Temple case, Triple Talak case, Section 377, Section 497 or Adulteries case. Some are not under consideration but will be in future like, in many parts of India women are restricted to cover their face all time, forcing someone what to eat or what not to eat. Many rules and regulation are made on the basis of claim like for Sabarmali case supreme court comes in favor, Before, committing suicide was termed as criminal activity as it may create a adverse effect on the society but now it is considered that a person who commits suicide must have any problem or stress that he/she is suffering from so if he get save then he/she should be given proper treatment so that they can recover not to send jail where they get more stress and consequently try more attempt.

Concluding, I agree with the statement that customary morality can not guide the modern world. All the issues discussed above are not only start but a revolution of changing the world from traditional to modern world, but modern do not means deleting all the traditions but all those morality which do not follow the rules and regulation of constitution should be banned or deleted as in a democratic country Constitution is the National book which everyone is subjected to be follow. If it does not happen inequality will occur among gender, caste, religion and employment which in turn result lower in HDI ranking of a nations an more important lower down in Humanity. So know your rights by having proper knowledge of Constitution and you can get a bit by reading Preamble of Indian Constitution.


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