Combining Text File With Images

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The increasing case of cyber crimes all over the world, has concerned many. Everyone is looking for alternate solution for their problems. One of those problem is, when we send some text file to someone.

The issue:

When we send any text files to anyone, it is possible that any middle man(attacker) can get the access of that file and could harm the confidentiality. Thus there is a need to send the text file in encrypted form. One of the simplest possible  encryption process is, combining the text file with any images. Further, we can send the image, the middle person would not be aware that there is some information hidden in the picture. This is called Steganography.

Here are the commands through which we can encrypt the text file in images.

  • Open the Command prompt in Windows and write the command as follows:

command for steganography,

copy /b a.txt + b.jpeg  result.jpeg

This command will give a new image i.e. result.jpeg which is the combination of text file and the image. If a person wants to see the message, just open


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