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December 10 – Know about Human Right Day

protecting the human right, human right day
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To deny people their human right is to challenge their very humanity

– Nelson Mandela

Human Right Day is Celebrated annually across the world on 10th December every Year. The day was chosen to honor the UN General Assembly’s adoption and proclamation of the historical document of UDHR  (United Declaration of Human Right) on 10th December 1948.

Human Right

The Rights to the humans, just because the privilege of being human, includes right of freedom, right of religion, right of expression and many more.

From the very beginning of history of human, human has fight for their existence and their individual right for freedom and choice. And with the passage of time, this bandwidth of right increased as we understand the requirement and need of the right of the individual.

An Individual Human being, anywhere on earth is free to live his life in his own way, something called Self-Determination where people can choose their own social, political, economic and religious decision without any government or other person’s interventions. But, do we really follow the concept of ‘Right to all’ or providing ‘rights to every individual’ in today’s world. No, the violation of human right is common in daily life from abusive language to murder and rape, we have a lot of issues in our day-to-day life which violates the human right, but who cares?

United Nation’s various documents, conventions, agencies, treaties and guidelines are least effective to those who are illiterate or are unaware of their basics rights. Thus, those fully drafted documents are useless on ground level in many cases.

Protect Human Right !

We are witnessing a lot of violation of human right on daily basis, and are ignoring those because of incapability or less knowledge about our rights. Thus, there is a need of study of basics rights of individual to every single person, so that they can fight for their rights.

  • Every democratic country has their constitution with certain articles to protect theirs human right, thus, every country should include those rights in the school curriculum. If the student would start fighting against violation of their human right from early age, the case of violation would decrease.
  • In the field of human right, Non-government organization plays an important role in empowering rights of individual, thus government should empower these NGOs to work efficiently and effectively.
  • Fundamental Rights should be basic structure of every law in each country of the world.

3 E’s of Human Right:

  • Equality – All should be treated equal and cannot be discriminate based on caste, creed, race, religion and color.
  • Empowerment – Empowering the marginalized section who are under bad situation because of any reason, so that they could enjoy their basic right.
  • Elimination – Elimination of violence against women, child labour, person with disabilities and minorities.



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