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Delete for Everyone after the time limit on WhatsApp

Whatsapp delete for everyone feature
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WhatsApp has a feature which allows the users to delete the message which they were not intended to send or want to delete. WhatsApp allows deleting the message to both ends. WhatsApp introduced “Delete For Everyone‘ feature last year in which the users were allowed to delete a sent message within 420 seconds or 7 minutes. WhatsApp later advanced this time limit to 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds. By this trick, you can delete your message after that also.

whatsapp new feature

How to delete messages after time limit:

Follow the steps below:

  1. Check the time of message sent.
  2. Turn off the internet.
  3. Goto device setting and change time to one minute more from the message sent time, example: if the time of message was 1:06 PM then set your device time to 1:08 PM.
  4. Go back to WhatsApp then click and hold the message. You will be able to see Delete for Everyone option. Just click it.
  5. At last turn on the Internet so that it will get deleted from the server side also.

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