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Easily Remove Linux from boot menu

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Linux is the widely used open source operating system. Linux systems are used for handling the servers of big companies because Linux focuses on the performance. Linux is also famous for being virus free because it follows tree structure.Dual booting is a process of installing operating systems in the devices along with the installed OS. It comes handy when you have to install Linux along with the Windows. The process of removing linux from windows is straight forward just delete the partition with the disk management, but it leaves the Linux option in the boot menu. To remove Linux boot menu from the boot menu follow these steps:

Steps to remove Linux from boot menu


Remember you have to follow each step as mentioned below.

  1. Load Windows.
  2. Open CMD as Administrator.
  3. Type:
    and press Enter.
  4. Diskpart will be loaded and then type:
    list disk 
    and then type
    select disk 0
  5. Now we have to select the volume in which the boot menu is stored.
    Select volume with the FS FAT32
    list volume [Press Enter]
    select volume 8 [Volume 8 is in my case. You have to select the volume whose FS is FAT32] then press Enter.
  6. Now type:
    assign letter S [Press Enter]
  7. Now we have to open the new drive which is S, type:
    S: [Press Enter]
    cd EFI [Press Enter]
  8. Now we have to remove folder of linux, in my case i have ubuntu. You can check the name by typing:
    dir [Press Enter]
  9. After finding the name, type this command:
    rmdir /s ubuntu [Press Enter and then select Y]

    command to remove ubuntu directory

  10. You have successfully removed the linux now follow steps 1 to 5 again, and then type:
    remove letter S [Press Enter]

By following these steps you can easily remove the linux option from boot menu. After these steps reboot your PC and you won’t find the ubuntu option there. This method doesn’t alter any system file.

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