This Diwali – Green Cracker and Sharing of Love

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With the increasing pollution in the national capital as well as other part of the country, Supreme Court of India banned the bursting of crackers in Diwali in 2017. Later, in 2018 Court relaxed its decision by allowing bursting of low-emission crackers. Such ‘green’ crackers were designed and manufactured by many companies with specific to CSIR and NEERI, other includes NBRI, NCl and many more.

Green Cracker

The old or traditional crackers includes lead, magnesium, Sulphur oxide, Nitrates, Strontium and Antimony. The amalgamation of all these substance makes it so dangerous to environment. Thus, CSIR came up with new ‘green’ crackers which has four types :

  • BIJLI Cracker : by eliminating ash as descendant.
  • SWAS Cracker : Safe Water Release
  • STAR Cracker : Safe Thermite Cracker
  • SAFAL Cracker : Safe Minimal Aluminium

this diwali, green cracker,

Green crackers release water vapor and don’t allow the dust particles to rise. They are designed to have 30% less particulate matter pollution.Currently, the fireworks industry in India is pegged at ₹1,800 crore per annum. CSIR has signed agreements with 230 companies to manufacture the crackers and make them available for sale. The green crackers are also limited in sound in addition to smoke, which, Petroleum and Explosive safety organization will decide.

Sharing of Love

Apart from bursting of cracker, Diwali is a festival of Sweets, Lights and Love. We spent a lot on our new dress, crackers, lights and sweets. Thus, it is our responsibility to save some and share this happiness to poor peoples, who are unable to afford all these. By saving some from your luxurious demand, you can share the love with poor, like by  distributing sweets and crackers to them. So, this Diwali do some beautiful things that will help all like :

  • Burn ‘Green Cracker’
  • Share Love and Sweets with Poor.
  • Enjoy with your family.

sharing of love with poor in diwali,

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