Empowering Youth of India

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India is considered as the youngest nation of the world, because of 27% of its population are youth. Those 27% are between 15-30 age and approx 65% below 35 years old. Hence, India have surplus of, one of the factor of production i.e. Labor.


Youth refer to the person, who leave the compulsory education and enter the first stage of employment. The age of youth could start from any 19 but currently, In India it depends on financial situation of the family.

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With the large number of youth as labor or Human capital, it is beneficial for India to become a developed country if we take care of our youth. The present government is doing well in this field and inaugurating many scheme to help the youth. But, if we do not care about our youth, it could become liability for nation. Hence, youth should be skilled, educated, and enthusiastic so that they could be share their hand in development. There are many scheme which are going in country which are providing all the requirement to the youth.

Government’s Scheme:

The present government is doing its best in providing skill development, education, and financially to help the Indian youth to make India a developed country.

Government is focusing on more on empowering the rural youth. This is because urban youth are somehow or little trained and educated but the rural youth are 100% unskilled and educated, and 70% of population of India resides in Rural part, hence it is important to empower rural youth. Some steps taken and schemes by government are ;

  • Start-Up Village Entrepreneurship Programme
  • Rural Self Employment Training Institutes
  • National Skill Development corporation.

For Education, some scheme are:

  • Samagra Shiksha
  • Saakshar Bharat Programme
  • Jan Shikshan Sansthan
  • National Scholarship

Entrepreneurship is playing a major role in providing jobs in modern world. Hence, government is focusing on providing skill development for good entrepreneur. Also, helping them with financial is a major steps. Like, MUDRA an initiative by government to provide 3 stage loan for different level of entrepreneurs. Start-Up Village is providing a platform for village entrepreneurs like weaver, carpenters, bangle makers etc. to move one step ahead from present scenario. Construction of primary school in every village, focusing on digital classrooms, providing scholarship, appreciating great works are some steps taken by government to encourage youths.

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Apart from government, some research center and education firm is also participating in encouraging them with various ways. Like, ISRO on Friday, announce that they will launch the youngest satellite by 2020. Those satellite will be made by 3 students each from 29 states and 7 union territories of India. They will be trained, and will make satellite in the vision of ISRO senior scientist. This is a major step to encourage skilled and education students in India.


Surplus amount of Human capital are good for a nation only when they are skilled or educated, otherwise they are liability to nation. Hence, providing them basic requirement are the responsibility of parents first, then come the students desire and then government help. In India, all are available with great amount, hence there is a need to encourage them and appreciate them, so that our nation could become a Developed Country in present era only.

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