Enable Hidden App lock in All Samsung Devices

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Samsung recently pushed One UI 3.0/3.1 update for all of its devices. In this update, there are lots of new features that were introduced like new camera modes, better performance, and visual changes. There are many hidden features that are present in the Samsung One UI and these features can be easily enabled.

If you want to lock your apps so no one can use them without your knowledge then you should definitely check out the hidden App Lock of the Samsung. You have to download a 3MB app to access the hidden settings but don’t worry it will completely worth it.

Steps to Enable App Lock

  1. Download Shortcut Maker from Playstore.
  2. Launch the Shortcut Maker and goto Activities (here you will find a bunch of names listed).
  3. Search the app called App Lock and click it to expand. You will get something like this.App Lock in any Samsung Device
  4. Select the option that says:
  5. Click Create Shortcut button Present at the bottom.
  6. Now go to Home, you will find a new shortcut called  App Lock, open it and use it to secure your apps.

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