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Don’t stress. Do your best. Forget the rest.

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Examination time is the real time for measuring individuals smartness. Some tried day and night but still failed, and some work less and get qualified. It doesn’t mean that hard work do not give result and only smart work give good result, but some smart work and strategy is the need of today’s competitive world.

Different Situation:

Presently, every field of work is competitive and everyone is working so hard, but a bunch of them will be qualified. So, there is a need to change the path from crowd ways to Individual way which is Smart way.

Hard worker Ways:

  • Schedule : A strict time schedule or routine for study, which comprises 15 hours of study a day. This sounds good and hard work but this has a side effects. Not everyone is capable of doing this hard work, this results in depression, stress, disease and memory loss problem.
  • Solitary Day : Maximum students choose a solitary or lonely schedule for some days to prepare for their exams. These are some bad points. Solitariness results in depression and  stress. Thinking of only study and worrying about that can harm your health and Health plays a important role for good study. Hence, need to share things mean if you are busy in study then do not reply, but reply later and enjoy the next time.

Student stress due to study

  • Leaving Class : It’s a personal experience that some students start leaving few lasts class of either coaching or school for preparing better at home. But this is major drawback which results in failure. The last day is for enjoyment but the last days are very important for exam point of views. People who leave class during last classes, found forgetting answer of questions which belongs to last classes consists of higher marks.
  • Repetition : Students always end up with repeating every answer again and again. This can work only for Mathematics as this subject needs practice. But other subject like Physics, Chemistry need understanding, which lacks in maximum students.

Strategy for JEE main examination:

Many students try to find the way to qualify for JEE main examination. But they did not follow the regulation suggested on any platform.

Never make a routine, A tight routine or schedule come up with stress. Like, if you make a routing to give 2 hours on Chemistry and you forget one day, it will create a stress on you and thus result in disturbing your mind. Routine are made to not follow, so create a daily routine if you want. But the suggestion is keep away fro routine. But give importance to every subject.


Physics is considered as the most hard subject for every JEE aspirant. Here are some trick to come up with Physics.

physics book

  • Never solve those questions which required long calculation, since examination is OMR.
  • Firstly, complete the basic understanding of NCERT, NCERT provides 80%+ questions in examination.
  • Give more importance to Modern Physics, Maximum questions are asked from them.
  • Make the list of all Formulas, Many a times directly formulas were asked.
  • Don’t do calculation, understand the ways, because questions are tricky and didn’t need calculation but mind.
  • If you are a great learner, you can connect things and give results in seconds, because answers are hidden in the question.


All students whether they belong to Engineering or not, fear of Mathematics. Some ways to come up with this during JEE examination.

math book

  • Don’t learn Formulas, they will never ask directly the formula. But formula are very important, hence practice hard with each and every formula.
  • Give more concern on Integration and Differentiation, as they are easy to solve and has been asked many times.
  • Co-ordinate Geometry, also important and should be in mind very carefully.
  • Most important, don’t waste time on Trigonometry, they are less marking and are easy to solve.


Chemistry is not considered hard, but considered as confusing subject. Hence it required some learning power. Some tips and suggestion are provided below:

  • Physical Chemistry, is considered the easiest, complete it at last as it provide marks but it is so easy that you can prepare it at last moment also. Hence, read this before 1 week of exam.
  • Organic and In-organic are mainly confusing, hence do separate preparation.
  • Organic chemistry are the most scoring part, at least learn all the parts in it, and then practice. Must be given higher priority, this part is maximum marks provider.
  • In-Organic chemistry are not that much mark provider, but can play a role to boost marks, hence normal study also play good.

Don’t try the hard ways, instead move forward with smart ways. Above hard ways are stressful but smart ways provided are relaxing. During preparation, give time to your health, your enjoyment and your happiness too. Because good mind will result good Marks or success.

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