Extension of Lockdown in India to 3 May

pm modi addressing nation,
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The Prime Minister of India, has decided to extend the 21 lock-down till 3 May. The PM, address the nation at 10:00 AM today, and declared for the extension of lock down period. He has also provided some crucial information.

Checkpoint – 20 April

The PM in his speech talked about a checkpoint date i.e. 20 April. In this, he mentioned that, till 20 April all the district, division and state of country would be monitored continuously.  District or Area with no new cases would be provided with various relaxation during lock-down till 3 May with some conditions.

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Important Points:

  • On the occasion of  Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Jayanti, he talked about the first line of Preamble i.e. “WE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA”, to denote the integrity and unity of Indian people in fight against the COVID-19.
  • He talked about the suffering of poor and daily wagers, adding that all the new guidelines are made taking consideration of poor people.
  • Tomorrow, a guideline will be provided by Government of India. The guideline will provide the scope of relaxation and condition in extended lock-down.


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