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Find Coding Syntax Easily

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Google Assistant is one of the vast platform on the Internet. Google launched the assistant in 2016. Since then it gave birth to many Assistant Actions. Google released the ActionSDK to the public so that developers can use that SDK and create awesome applications for Assistant so that peoples can use the applications anywhere because Google Assistant is available on many platforms like Phones, Speakers, Cars and almost all smart devices. To initiate an action just say “Talk to action name“.

Coder's Guide

Talk to Coder’s Guide

Whenever we do coding we have to concentrate on the work. But sometime we forget the basics and to search this we have to Google it and after going through websites we find the proper Syntax.

Coder’s Guide is an Google Assistant Action which helps the users to find the Syntax of Basic Programming concepts easily. Currently 4 Languages are supported that are C, C++, Python and Java. More languages and concepts will be added soon.

To find an Syntax you have to tell the Language and the Concept name.


  • Talk to coder’s guide.
  • Talk to coder’s guide about C Language.
  • Talk to coder’s guide about C++.
  • Talk to coder’s guide about Python.
  • Talk to coder’s guide about Java.


Interface of the action is quite simple and easy to use. At start users just have Say the Language name and it will show a list of supported concepts just click on it and you will find the Syntax.

Command not working

If Talk to Coder’s Guide is not working on your device do this one time process.

  1. Tap and hold home button to open Google Assistant and then press the Explore button.Google Assistant
  2. Search for Coder’s Guide in the search tab.
  3. Click Try it.

After this you can use it with simple invocation command of “talk to Coder’s Guide”.

Wrapping up

There are a lot of Educational actions are available on the Google Assistant and Coder’s Guide is one of the. Coder’s Guide action is very helpful and beneficial to the new programmers and students. The action is Educational, other languages will be added soon so always look for the update.

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