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Free Online Certification Course to complete during Lockdown

free certification course during lockdown,
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3 May onward, Lock-down 3.0 will be in implemented in all part of the country. This lock-down has resulted into disastrous situation. But, Students can get benefit from this, by completing free online certification and increasing their skill and Resume’s certification rows.

Some Free Online certification course:

There are a number of free online certification course available on internet, but the lock-down has provided certification with reputed institute. Here are some of the courses:

  • Fortinet Certification NSE1 and NSE2 : This free course is provided by Fortinet, a reputed company in field of cyber security. This course is for Cyber Security student to get certified with basic knowledge about various Network Associate.

fortinet free certification,

  • Coursera : It provide free certification for every course. It just need to apply for a Financial aid application form. The value of Coursera’s certificate is highly acceptable.
  • Oracle : Oracle is providing a list of free certification course, which usually cost more than 200$. The course mainly comprise of Cloud Infrastructure an its working.

oracle free certification,

  • IBM : IBM is also providing with free certification for various course irrespective of roles of the user.
  • Udemy : Udemy also provides free certification for various courses. Generally, it asks for small amount of money, but it can be buy free of course..

Platform with No free certification:

Apart from various free certification provided by different organization, there are some platform also where a student can increase their skill, but free certification will not be provided. Here are some platforms:

  • NPTEL : It provides course from various fields but charge for certification. Here, student are taught by IIT’s teacher. So, in this corona pandemic, student can utilize it with learning courses of their choice.
  • NDL India: NDl stands for National digital Library of India, it offers hundreds of thousands of books. This is the best time to download free PDFs and read informative books. It also provides for the direct link to study NPTEL’s video.

NDL india, over thousands of book to study,


In the pandemic of its worst kind, almost every people are suffering in one or other ways. But, still we can utilize this dark time with our positive energy. It will definitely help us in future in getting our dream position.

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