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How To Get Pixel 4 Camera on Any Android Device [8.0+]

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Google Pixel 4 is about to launch but there is already a DogFood version of Google Camera is available for download. DogFood means the app is initial build and it is being tested internally. The new Google Camera has a new User Interface with most of the settings accessible from dragging the screen.

There is also a new Astrophotography feature which is the improved version of Night Sight. It is not enabled by default, when you take a Night Sight image while holding the phone in hand then normal Night Sight will work and when the phone is placed without any disturbance like on tripod it is going to take the image by opening the shutter for 15 seconds to capture more details. There are many other new options which have been discovered within the Camera’s code like Audio Zoom, Motion Blur, Live HDR and more but most of these features will be exclusive to the Pixel 4 only.

The Official version of the application is only supported to the Custom Roms and the Pixel devices but there is a Ported version of the Google Camera 7.0  which can be installed on any Android running device. To download the new Camera app click here. Install the apk as normal app and then open and give all permissions requested by the application and you are good to go.

Google camera 7.0

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