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National Girl Child Day – How girls are shaping the better Future

National girl child day,
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India is a diverse country with people belonging to different religion, caste, creed, status, linguistic and culture, which is the reason we feel proud to be called as an Indian. But, with prosperity, liability move parallel. One of the liability is Gender Discrimination in India. To curb this problem, Government of India and The Women and Child Development Ministry observed 24th January to be celebrated as National Girl Child Day.

Objective behind National Girl Child Day

For years, women have been dominated by many in several ways. It includes the domination by husbands, friends, harsh and specific restriction on them by families, society, and several religious law. Specifically in India, women have been raised to endure, struggle, stay mum and keeping their problems to themselves. There are a lot to talk about which is still active in society. The main objective behind this day are :

  • To raise the importance of the health, education and nutrition of girl child.
  • To spread the awareness among people about all the inequalities faced by girls in the country.
  • To spread the awareness among people about the importance of girl child in shaping a better future.
  • To spread awareness campaigns on Save the girl child, child sex ratios, and creating a healthy and safe environment for a girl child.

Over the past few years, the change in thought and gender role have been changed positively. Women are leading various projects in different field, whether it is technology, administration or defence. Thus, there is a need to empower women for a better future of world and for our country.

“बेटी है तो कल है।

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