Google Map new Feature will alert you if you are breaking the traffic rule.

google map speedometer feature,
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Google has recently published a new feature for the Android version of Google Maps app in India. This feature will show you at what speed your are driving your vehicle.  This feature can be  found in the Setting menu of the Google Map app and needs to be turned on manually, as it is not automatically. The testing of this feature had been conducted a couple of year ago in selected countries, now Google is finally publishing this feature in other countries including India.

How it helps?

For the sake of security and controlling traffic, in many parts of India have camera deployed which capture your response if your cross the speed limit. But this feature will help you in avoiding traffic cops and fine. If you cross the speed limit, it will automatically alert you.

When you will on the Speedometer feature manually, the driving speed will be shown on the bottom left of the Google Map screen, in case you increase your vehicle speed, the speed indicator color will be change to read you that you have crossed the limit.

But, there is one issue with this that, it depends on your internet speed, i.e. result could be delayed.

However, In India, only a few user have reported this feature because the feature is rolled out in phased manner and will take some time to get available for all the users.


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