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how to get invite code for,
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Whenever, if a person tried to sign in website they need a invitation code. Invitation code is important to make a account on that very website. This website is basically a platform to practice hacking on different machines and also complete challenges.


  • Open the Website and go to Individual. Right click on the Invite box and click on Inspect element.steps to get invite code,
  • After Clicking, get into the code option, click on console and write “makeinvitecode ()” and click enter.steps to get invite code,
  • Copy that selected code and see the encryption type. Here it is Base64. Go to this site and decode this code. You can skip this steps also as the conversion will always give the same i.e. /api/invite/generate.Base 64 decoder for invite code,
  • Now, copy the decoded code and open your cmd(window) or terminal. Write the code “curl -XPOST command to get invite code,
  • Copy the code given in double quotation mark. And use Base 64 website to convert this cipher text into plain text which will be your invitation code.cipher to plaintext for invitation code,
  • The decoded code is the required invitation code. Copy that decoded code and paste it into the invitation box , you will get the sign in form. Just remember the time duration is fixed, thus in case you take long time the code will expire. In this case just do the steps again.hacked invitation code,


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