What happens when a file gets deleted?
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Storage is a magical place where we can put all kinds of stuff it can be movie, music, document, games, image file any sort of digital things that you could imagine. On one click of delete, it moves away by leaving behind the space that it acquired.

What happens when a file gets deleted?

If we simply delete a file it gets into Recycle Bin which is nothing then a folder which temporarily contains the file and after the time scheduled it permanently deletes the file from the system.

Every file in the system is monitored by the Master File Table (MFT). When a file is written to the physical storage the MFT tells the OS to not write to the location which is already written by some other file. But when we hit permanent delete option. The reference to the space allocated to the file gets removed, there is no restriction for OS for the location. The new data can now be easily overwritten to the space left the old/deleted file.

The process can be reversible there are many programs available that can recreate the reference for the deleted file and can recover the deleted files. If somehow you accidentally deleted a file don’t panic just download and try some of this software.

How to permanently delete a file so that it can’t be recovered.

To permanently delete a file so that there will be no reference for that file. You can delete the file and overwrite the space with different random data and then delete the new data and repeating this process several times so that the old record can never be recovered. The second option is to physically damage the drive. It makes the drive non-functional and makes completely impossible to recover data from it.

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