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How to install Pixel 3 camera app on any Android device [8.0+]

Google camera for any android device -
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Recently Google launched its new flagship the Google Pixel 3. Google Pixel 3 is all about software more than hardware. Where every smartphone company is busy in adding dual or triple camera to the rear side of the devices for better shots, Google Pixel 3 has just only 1 camera on rear side. Google has updated the Pixel 2 features and transferred it in new Pixel 3. The back design used in the Pixel 3 is same as the Pixel 2 back design. Notch in XL version is gaining a lots of popularity because it cannot be hidden like other devices notch. But developers found the hidden settings in the developer menu to hide the notch (this functionality is not fully implemented in the device).

The main focus area of Pixel 3 is the camera. Google Camera got an update of version 6.0. The new update brings the new interface and features to the camera.

Camera FeaturesGoogle camera in non pixel device -

  • ZOOM: Google used some kind of algorithm in the image processing in Google camera app through which the camera captures multiple images and make a single zoomed image without any distortion.
  • LENS: Google lens is inbuilt in the camera itself. Just open the camera and point to the object for the results.
  • NIGHT SHOT: Night shot is the new feature by Google which aims to provide natural light in the images without the flash. Google said that you will no longer use the flash in your device.
  • PHOTOBOOTH: Photo booth is the option that will take images only when you smile.


Download the latest apk from here.

Poco F1 users click here.

How to install Google Camera


  1. Download and install the apk.
  2. Install the app.Install google camera -
  3. Open the camera app. You will see the permission screen (grant all permission).permissions of google camera -
  4. Now swipe to the right side and go to More options. Here you will see the new features of google camera -

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