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Huawei is going to launch its own Google Maps alternate called Map Kit

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After the ban of Google services support on Huawei products. They have been finding and building a new ecosystem for their devices. Recently we got the news of upcoming Harmony OS which is based on AOSP (Android Open Source Project) but without the support of any Play Services which none of the Google Apps like Maps, Gmail, Play Store and Google Play Services (Core of any Android device) will be present in the Huawei devices.

Google maps are one of the dominating Map services around the world and now Huawei needs a replacement for this service. According to sources, this new Mapping service is being called Map Kit which is not made for customers but actually for developers so that they can build something from the service kit.

Huawei Map Kit will reportedly offer real-time traffic conditions, lane change recognition, and augmented reality features. The service is also said to be available in 40 languages and tipped to launch in October. Map Kit would also be a substitute for any third-party HarmonyOS apps reliant on mapping data allowing developers to replace Google Maps with the manufacturer’s data.

It is a quite interesting move by Huawei to make their device fully capable without the help of Google services. What’s your thought on Huawei’s move?

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