Human and Animal Conflict in India, has resulted in large number of deaths.

human-animal conflict,
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The increase in population and urbanization, resulted in pressure on land and natural resource which in turn resulted in the death of human as well as animals in large number.


The ever increasing in human population, needs land for housing and more natural resource for livelihood. This increase in human-animal conflict. Human extend their land by cutting forests, house of animals. So, if we put both animal and human in judiciary, human would found guilty. We all know that, still we are degrading the life of animals and when they walk through our society, we kill them.

nilgai in India,

Some animal, facing major danger from humans are :

  • Nilgai,
  • Deer
  • Tiger
  • Elephant
  • Monkeys

Above all animals are dying every day because of conflict, but we are doing nothing to protect. We should be aware that the environment is dependent on each other, hence extinction of any species could generate imbalance in society.


Animal Killed:

  • 300 leopards killed by humans. (2010-16)
  • 200 elephants killed by trains accidents. (1987-2013)
  • 132 tigers death in 2016 due to natural as well as human reasons.

Human Killed:

animal attack humans,

  • 81 people killed by tigers between 2014 and 2017.
  • 40 people killed by lions between 2014 and 2017.
  • 2,804 people killed by Elephants between 2009 and 2016.


Animals are innocent, and we humans have mind and capacity to remain the balance of our biodiversity. Basic solution can be:

  • Urbanization should be limit outside the forest areas.
  • Animals should be given protection from human conflict.
  • The life of animal and human should be kept independent.

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