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Imposter Syndrome as a Programmer

imposter syndrome
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Imposter syndrome is a psychological pattern in which a person thinks that he succeeded due to luck, and not because of his/her talent or qualification.

Have you asked yourself these questions?

Am I smart enough to be a programmer?

There are many people who are born genius, better in academics, better in mathematics, better in analytical skills, better in reasoning, their upbringing is different form some of us. And there are many people who have different childhood, lack of support from the beginning, average in maths and academics. What I believe is that it’s not necessary that you should know everything because I consider myself good at programming even, I just have average mathematical skills.

Did I made a mistake by choosing a programming path?

If you are a college student then definitely you have asked yourself this question when you had faced a programming assignment and everyone around you are able to complete it and you don’t even know what to do and you feel lost. If you are someone like that just ignore that question in yourself and immerse yourself in coding and do practice daily. You will be glad that you have made a good decision by choosing to program.

Am I able to learn what is required?

In the world of programming there is a vast amount of language, lots of techniques. There is no way that you can learn everything, and the good news is that you do not have to. You just need to learn a specific set of technologies and stick with it.

Is it just my luck?

If you are good enough to complete some projects but you still think that you were just lucky to do that. But what I think about this situation is that you do not have the capability to explain everything completely that makes you think that you don’t have that knowledge but it’s not like that. You should practice expressing your thoughts in a much clearer and understandable way.

The ways of thinking to help Imposter Syndrome

  • Be comfortable with being uncomfortable

    It simply means sometimes you expected to know answers, but you may not, you might feel like an idiot, you have to kind of stick with that feeling. It is good to be blank out completely. It happens with everyone, don’t get depressed of it just learn something about the problem, do searches and you will find a solution and increase your problem-solving skills.

  • Stop comparing

    There are many people who started coding at small ages, they know many things that you may not know right now. If you compare with them you will find they are far ahead of you which will create a negative impact on your mind. The mind is the powerful weapon of a programmer you must keep it safe from negativity so you should only compare yourself with the previous yourself. If you look back to the time when you knew nothing of programming and the person you are right now, you can easily find out how much you have improved. Always improve yourself day by day.

  • You will never be an “expert”

    Yes, it is 100% true that you cannot be an expert in any field. The area of computer programming is increasing day by day, every day there is a new algorithm and new frameworks to work with, you cannot master all of them. It is better to accept that you can never be an expert in the programming world.

  • Give yourself the credit you deserve

    If you are accomplishing something, getting good grades in school, completing all assignments, complete a big assignment. You should be happy and really give yourself the credit you deserve and reflect on that and that will help you see that you are in right place and you are doing what you are supposed to do, regardless what’s your brain is telling to you when you compare yourself with other people and all that things that brings you down.


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