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Increase Your Internet Speed With A Simple Trick.

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Internet is the only thing that we use everyday for everything from reading to play games we use Internet. Everything is available on Internet but using the Internet give a headache when the speed of Internet is slow. We are living in the century in which we are using 4G in place of 2G or 3G. 4G internet was launched at cheap prices in India by Jio and it changed the whole market of Internet, every Telecom company started providing cheap Internet to the consumers. The main problem still persists that is the Speed of Internet.

What is DNS?

what is DNS


Domain Name Servers or DNS is the dictionary of the Internet. DNS translates the IP Address to the browser to load resources from the web. Every devices which have the Internet access has one unique IP (Internet Protocol) address like 192.168.. through which it connects to the internet but every time when the user have to search something he/she needs to use his/her IP address along with the search query. Here DNS helps the users by eliminating the need to remember the IP address.

What is DNS

The company Cloudflare launched a new DNS that is in 2018 which is the secure and fastest DNS resolver. Cloudflare claims that unlike other companies it doesn’t share users information to other 3rd parties for advertisement. It logs the users IP but the system clears all the logs after 24 hours of the creation of logs .

Cloudflare’s DNS is strongly encrypted which means it reduces the risk of hackers and data breaches.

Why is fast?

how to get fast internet speed

Cloudflare has 1000+ servers worldwide which is the biggest advantage of the DNS to boost the Internet speed. The servers have 7 million+ domains on the Cloudflare’s platform which makes the search query fastest.

How to use DNS?

Android users:

Android App of cloudflare DNS


  1. Download and Install Faster & Safer Internet.
  2. Open the application and Click the Switch button in the middle.
  3. Grant the VPN connection request and you are done.

Windows users:

windows setting for DNS


  1. Click Start menu and search for Control Panel.
  2. Click and open Network and Internet.
  3. Click and open Change Adapter Settings.
  4. Right click on the WiFi name through which you are using Internet.
  5. Click on Properties option.
  6. Select Internet Protocol Version 4.
  7. Click on Properties.
  8. Click on Use The Following DNS Server Address.
  9. Remove all IP written and replace them with:

  10. Click OK.
  11. Go back and Select Internet Protocol Version 6.
  12. Click Properties.
  13. Select Use The Following DNS Server Addresses.
  14. Remove or Replace all IP listed with this:
  15. Click Close.

Wrapping Up

The DNS improves the speed you will see the noticeable changes in the loading speed of webpages and the YouTube videos. It won’t affect the quality of the videos because that depend upon the bandwidth of your Network.

It’s better to use fast and secure DNS server then using the public DNS servers.

We hope this article helped you. For more exciting informations visit InfoClusters.

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