India China Standoff at Ladakh or Indo-China War

India china standoff,
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The whole world is suffering from a dangerous Pandemic, COVID 19, which has killed more than 3 lac people and has affected more than 6 million people all over the world. Many countries have fallen into economic recession, while some are losing their patience in the fight against CORONA. In this situation of Pandemic, China (from where CORONA was originated) is playing its worst to show the world its power. One of the latest examples is Month-long India- China standoff at Ladakh.

Why Now?

China has controlled the flow of Corona in its country with very little loss of life and economy. Now, the whole world is sinking into recession, and the economy is derailed. Thus, it is a good opportunity for China to become a superpower. China can use this situation to buy more and more stakes in the world’s different companies (as they are in loss). Some dirty strategy can be :

  • Buy stakes in different countries of the world.
  • Giving loans to debt-ridden countries, and in the future, own their land in return of money like Hambantota Port in Sri Lanka.
  • Forcing border countries and their province to agree with their demands with the use of force. Like in Ladakh(process).
  •  Every country is spending more on health, while China has tripled its defense budget, shows the curiosity of becoming a Superpower.
  • It can use Economy power to suppress many countries.

Let’s Boycott china

Every Individual is endorsing for boycotting China, seeing the ongoing standoff. Even Prime Minister of India has asked for “AtmaNirbhar’ i.e. Self-dependent. One of the famous inventors and the person behind the story of Blockbuster 3 Idiots, Sonam Wangchuk has also come forward for boycotting China. The motto behind is to defeat China, not with Bullets but with Wallets. Since, India is one of the major importers of China, boycotting it economically will impact its progress and its aggression.

Here, the boycott doesn’t mean to throw out every Chinese thing that we have at home. But, what we can do is to look for the alternatives. It’s time to revive the history with the ‘Swadeshi Movement’ by Mahatma Gandhi. That time, the fight was against the British and now it is against China. The question is how it will affect China, here are the reasons:

  • India tops the countries in imports from China. Boycotting their products, will affect their local markets in the long run and overall the economy of China.
  • AtmaNirbhar or Self Dependent will help in endorsing the local markets of India. It will generate jobs and thus the economy in the long term.
  • China’s aggression in the South China Sea and the Indian ocean will decrease as a result of loss, can help India in the future.
  • China is surrounding India from all sides, if a war broke between two, India will be attacked from all sides making it hard for India to retreat properly.

India-China War

India and China had fought a war in 1962, where India saw a defeat. But, now India is much prepared but still, we lack much behind China in the diplomatic and military field. China is trying every possible way to become a Superpower, and India is coming in its way as a hindrance in the Asia region. Thus, China is using every possible way to counter India. One of its policies is Financial Help to poorer countries. A full discussion of surrounding India is :

  • China gives loans to poorer countries or participates in any bigger project there. Later, on failing to pay back, It buys the project or owns them. The project could be Port, Airport, Dams, or Strategic Roads. In this way, China has made many countries like Myanmar, Maldives,            Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and many more its debtor.
  • All those projects owned by China in different countries could be a military base during conflicts. Thus, it would empower China to effectively counter India from all directions.
  • The deliberate Provocation at  LAC. India is making its road connectivity to the various border areas, which is opposed by China as it would help India in countering China. Thus, regular provocation and hand fights are one of its strategies to pressurize enemy countries.
  • Currently, Nepal’s aggressive behavior towards India and tilting towards China is also seen as one of the strategies of the Communist party of both nations.

china surrounding India,

Thus, China is well prepared to launch a war against India and we Indians are increasing the economy of China by buying their products, and in turn, they are trying to dominate us. This is the time to fight with China without using a single bullet and reviving our economy in parallel.

India’s Strategy against China’s aggression

Indian Government and its security advisor are looking at the situation that arose by China at every front and are taking various steps to tackle China. Some of its includes:

  • India changes its FDI policy with land bordering countries, mainly to tackle china as they can use the situation of decreasing the rate of Indian firms and could buy a stake at a lower rate.
  • At the standoff location of Ladakh, India is deploying a large number of forces with light and heavy weapons to be prepared for any worst situation.
  • India is firm at its decision of construction and is not changing its decision even on pressure from China.
  • The Indian government has asked for ‘self-dependent’ action to the individual so as to defeat china economically. For eg. Earlier PPE kit was not produced in India, now more than 2 lac PPE kit used in medical services is produced in India on a daily basis.
  • Unlike China, India has maintained a good relationship with its neighbor. It would help India in times of conflict. One example is, India has bought the Hambantota Airport in Sri Lanka, which is a few kilometers away from the Chinese Hambantota port.



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