India to shield Delhi with High level of missile System from aerial attack.

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A country faces many types of attack from their enemy, includes cyber attack, infiltration, face to face attack at border, and sometimes aerial attack. Aerial attack includes missiles, drones etc. Every country shield its some important center like Country’s capital from all these  attacks with indigenous shielding system. Similarly, Delhi is shielded from any attack from Pakistan and China.


The outermost layer of Delhi’s missile shield will be provided by the indigenous two level ballistic missile defence(BMD) system being developed by DRDO. This includes AAD(advanced air defence) and PAD(Prithvi air defence) interceptor missiles helping in intercepting enemy missiles, in the range of 2,000 km, at an altitude from 15-25 km to 80-100 km.

Then come the S-400 Triumf surface to air missile system. Other than specifically shield Delhi, it meant for strategic deterrence against China and Pakistan along the border.The S-400 system can detect, track and destroy hostile strategic bomber, jets, spy planes, missiles and drones at a range of 380 km. This missile system will arrive to India from Russian, at a scheduled time of October 2020-April 2023 time frame.

Then will come the Barak-8 medium ranger surface to air missile system, jointly developed by India and Israel, which have a 70-100 km interception range.

Delhi proposed multi layered shielding system,

Then the indigenous Akash area defence missile system, with a 25 km range will form the layer over the NASAMs.


NASAMs (National Advanced Surface to air Missile System-II) from the US, will be used along with above indigenous missile system against aerial threat ranging from drones to ballistic missiles.

The deal is of Rs. 6000 crore, and according to source, US is likely to send the final draft of the “Letter of acceptance” for the sale of NASAMs and scheduled by July-August.

NASAMs air missile system,

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