When 10 Pakistani Soldiers were Beheaded by 9 Para SF

Deadly Indian Army,
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Insurgency and intrusion are common in Indian territory by Pakistani army and militants. And every time they are restricted by the Indian Army at their best and killed them at LOC only, But sometimes, they enter into the territory and create horror situation.

Year 2001:

It was 2001, when some of the Pakistani Soldiers enter into the Indian territory near LOC, but this time they were in no mood to fight with Indian Army, because they had already get defeated and retreated well by Indian Army, so by nature, they tried to kill innocent.

On these days, they started killing a particular tribe near LOC, Bakarwal People, who are also known as Gujjars of Kashmir. They were killed, beheaded and their head were taken back to Pakistan, there animals were also stolen by them. The scared people complained to Army and ask for help. 9 Para SF, took the charge and the Commanding Officer himself lead the company with 70 commandos.

The operation was kept secret and named Operation Apache, but it was so secret that even government do not know. That’s why this mission could not be found on official records.

What was done by 9 PARA SF:

A company of 70 Commandos lead by a Commanding Officer, enter the territory of Pakistan and attacked the Pakistani post, just few kilometers away from their Higher Post Army Center. They Killed many but the point to be concerned was, they beheaded them and take back 10 head as trophies. That attack was a lesson to Pakistani infiltrators that no more innocent killing would be tolerated.

But still we face a lot of infiltration and Mutilation of Body and Beheading of Soldier, here is a brief of some incidence of crossing LOC.

Incident Date Description Remarks
The Operation Meghdoot 13 April 1984 India successfully occupied all of the Siachen Glacier. India received intelligence that Pakistan was planning to occupy the Siachen glacier.and executed the operation to deny the territory. This has sparked a confrontation which has continued since then.
The Kargil War May–July 1999 Pakistan tried to occupy territory which was under de facto control of India and failed. Pakistani soldiers and Kashmiri militants infiltrated into positions on the Indian side of the LOC, in an attempt to occupy strategic peaks.
Chamb raid 22 January Indian soldiers attack Pakistani post in Chamb sector. Indian soldiers attacked a Pakistan Army post after midnight from three directions in the Iftikharabad sub-sector in the Chamb area. Seven Pakistani soldiers were killed in the attack.
Ashok Listening Post attack 27 February Pakistani Soldiers attacked an Indian Post. HuJI Pakistani Special Services Group (SSG) conducted the operation in which the seven 17 Maratha Light Infantrysoldiers manning the post were killed and a soldier by name Bhausaheb Maruti Talekar was beheaded. His head was taken back to Pakistan as a trophy.
Pakistani post near Bhimber Gali in Poonchattacked. 18 September 2003 Indian soldiers attacked Pakistani post. JCO and three soldiers. One soldier was allegedly decapitated and his head was carried off as a trophy. Pakistan Lodged a complaint with the UNMOGIP.
Kranti post near Salhotri village in Poonch was attacked. 5 June 2008 Pakistani soldiers attacked Indian post. 2-8 Gurkha Regiment soldier Jawashwar Chhame was killed.
Pakistani post near Bhattal sector in Poonch attacked. 19 June 2008 Indian soldiers attacked Pakistani post. Pakistan lodged a complaint with the UNMOGIP that Indian troops entered into Pakistan administered Kashmir, beheaded a soldier and carried his head across. Four Pakistani soldiers, allegedly died in the raid.
Azad Kashmir 28 July 2011 Indian soldiers made a shallow penetration. Five heads of Pakistani troops killed in the incident were allegedly taken as trophy.
Indian army post in Gugaldhar ridge in Kupwaraattacked 30 July 2011 Pakistani Border Action Team conducted the attack across the LoC Two Indian soldiers of 20 Kumaon Regiment were beheaded by the Pakistani Border Action Team (BAT) troops. The attacking team took back the heads of Havildar Jaipal Singh Adhikari and Lance Naik Devender Singh of 20 Kumaon.
Operation GingerSharda sector, across the Neelam river valley in Kel. 29 August 2011 Indian para commandos conducted a covert strike across the border Pakistani soldiers Subedar Parvez, Havildar Aftab and Naik Imran were beheaded, their heads and rank insignias were brought to India.[14][15] Pakistan complained to the UNMOGIP that three soldiers, including a JCO were killed.
Beheading of Lance Naik Hemraj 8 January 2013 Pakistani soldiers crossed the LoC and ambushed Indian soldiers. Lance Naik Hemraj and Lance Naik Sudhakar Singh were killed. The Indian officials claimed that both bodies were mutilated, and that Hemraj was decapitated.[16] Indian troops failed to recover the head even after a search of the area. India believes the Pakistanis took the head of Hemraj when they retreated.
Sarla post of Indian Army in Chakandabad Bagh area of Poonch sector 6 August 2013 Pakistani Border Action Team ambushed an Indian Army demolition patrol Indian officials claimed that 20 armed militants along with the Pakistani Army soldiers carried out the ambush and killed 5 soldiers of the 21 Bihar. Pakistani officials denied any involvement in the incident.
2016 India–Pakistan military confrontation 28 September 2016 Indian Para commandos stuck multiple terrorist launch pads along the LoC India conducted “surgical strikes” against militant launch pads across the Line of Control in Pakistani-Administered Kashmir, and inflicted “significant casualties”. Indian media reported the casualty figures variously, from 35 to 50.Pakistan denied Indian claims. Partial footage of the strikes was released by India on 27 June 2018 as proof to the strike.
Indian patrol attacked in Krishna Gati sector of Poonch district 2 May 2017 Pakistan Border Action Team (BAT) ambushed an Indian patrol along the LoC India claimed that a Border Action Team (BAT) of the Pakistan Army ambushed an patrol of about 9-10 soldiers from the 22 Sikh Regiment of the Indian Army and 200 battalion of Border Security Force. The ambush took place about 200-250 metres deep inside Indian territory and bodies of two soldiers were mutilated.
Indian army patrol party attacked in Keri sector 23 December 2017 Pakistan border Action Team (BAT) attacked Indian patrol party India claimed that a Border Action Team (BAT) of the Pakistan Army crossed 400m across the LoC to target a patrol party of the Indian Army. The attacked resulted in death of 4 Indian soldiers including a major.
Pakistani patrol attacked at a temporary post in Rukh Chakri sector in Rawlakot 25 December 2017 Ghatak commandos ambushed a Pakistani patrol at a temporary post India claimed that a team of 4-5 Ghatak commandos of Poonch Brigade under 25 Division crossed over about 200-300m across the LoC and attacked a Pakistani patrol consisting of 8-10 men in a retaliatory strike. The Indian commandos place an IED at a temporary post and killed 4 men, 1 major and 3 soldiers of the 59 Baloch regiment. Pakistan Foreign Office denied that Indians had crossed the LoC and claimed that 3 soldiers had died in response to an IED blast caused by “non-state actors”.


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