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Innovation and out of the box thinking are the key to realizing the dream of ‘New India’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Invention is the life line for Innovation and Innovation is at the heart, for all progress. In every sphere of mankind, innovation has taken place, whether food surplus or weapon availability. Every discovery with one idea, now move to its peak development with various idea.


Every day, an innovation is coming in the market. Some innovation are such, that it change the whole economy or fate of a nation or individual. Like, the Green Revolution was an innovation which convert India from a food scarce to food sufficient nation. Similarly, the White Revolution, convert India from Milk deficient to biggest Milk producer in world.

Invention teach us farming, fishing, wheels, weapons, various objects and many things, but Innovation plays a major role in upgrading the versions of each discovery. Like, the discovery of planes at that time to Jets now, discovery of Ships in ancient era to ships like Titanic. Without innovation, invention is somehow constrained.

Innovation in space science is another field where we have seen a lot of change. New versions of discovery, helps in many ways like telecommunication, weather forecasting, military purpose and many other things

Government’s Approach:

India is focusing more in innovation. Like, government different scheme to support this are MIC( MHRD Innovation Cell), ARIIA(Atal Ranking of Institution of Innovation achievement). But, the innovation should not be restricted to individuals like scientists or researchers but an individual candidate of nation can contribute.

Thus, to get new versions, government is approaching towards entrepreneurs. Many scheme like MUDRA to support entrepreneurs financially, ASPIRE etc. BHIM App, e-Nam etc, plays or contributed to the innovative idea of New India.

Yes, without Invention, Innovation is no more, but without innovation invention can vanish in some era. Hence, everyone should contribute in making the world innovate via sufficient ways and with eco-friendly behavior  because, sometimes we hurt nature for the innovation of Human Kind.

Written by Vivek Kumar

Hello! I am Vivek Kumar, a Computer Science Engineer.


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