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What makes good content?

Contents are for user to read, share and experience something new and old, but the contents can be good only when it is not only the 500-700 word of boring definition but the actual meaning of the topic.

Well, Good content are those contents which are prepared by researching all over the internet and books If required and further written concisely, perfectly, grammatically correct and creative article with a catchy and impressive title to attract the user to read the content. It also requires some disciplined format or say a framework to work inside, which makes the content perfect for user as well as its SEO also becomes good enough to be take a place in google searching. Here is the framework, which define the good quality of content.

  • A simple, short but relevant Headline.
  • The 3’C i.e. content should be Concise, Creative and Clear.
  • The content should primarily for users, not for search engines.
  • If there is any reference, the proper mentioning should be made

How do you know if a piece of content is doing well?

A content performance cannot be measured instantly as it is a long-term game and need time to give an output. But there are some metrics which shows the performance of the content, if it is going well or not. So, we consider a Content performance as good when:

  • Page Views: The number of views on the views is increasing in a continuous basis, i.e. the content has more numbers of Active user.
  • Bounce Rate: Since we are talking about the performance of the Content, the Bounce rate should be high, means users are more interested in that Content than other.
  • Average Time Spent: How much time a user is spending on the Content, if they are spending greater or equal to the exact time of reading, then the content is performing well as the Content is interesting and useful that’s why user is reading the content for long span of time.
  • Social Share and Comments: Users have tendency to share thing only when they are useful and interesting. If Social share is maximum and the number of comments is also higher than the content is doing well.

What do you need to know about a project before you start writing?

Project management and preparation need a lot of patience and work to complete. There are hundreds of actions and tasks performed throughout the time period of project. Thus, to write about any Project need much time to prepare for so that the project bearer’s work did not go in vain.

So before writing about a project, we need a lot of things which are important for the user of that project as well as the owner of that project. Here is some information which need to be implemented before writing about Project:

  • Gauge the scope of the project, it is necessary measure the scope as it will help to write the answers of the questions like, what is the aim? What is the overall impact? What is the outcome of this? How it will help?
  • The resource, tools, technologies and references used are needed to be known before writing about projects.
  • The writer should look for acronyms like SMART (specificity, management, ascertained, reliability, timeframe).
  • The proper information about the topic’s field like SPELT(Social, Political, Economic, Legal, Technical) framework.

How do you decide to what tone to use with a particular piece of writing?

When a writer starts to write, they think and collect many things all around and Tone selection is one of them. Basically, Tone should depend on the topic only and not on the personal perception of the writer. Like, if the writer is writing about any controversial topic, the content can be supportive or against, but the tone should be generous in both cases.

While it may seem like a simple task, but it’s not always. Sometimes it requires maximum control on emotions and sometimes it can be easily chosen if the writer is passionate about the story, they are crafting. The writer’s best way to choose a tone is to first understand the topics or to get themselves in the topic that it is concurrent with the topic that they are doing. Consequently, the work comes out be the same as such the topic, like if the topic is funny or humorous, then the content would come as such.

If the content is for the job purpose, the tone should match the client’s perspective and how they feel about the topics.

What style guides you are familiar with?

The Style guides depends on for whom I am writing for, it differs with the topic like it is different for content related to history and scientific development, it differs for content related to literature and for general writing. My familiarity with style guides includes:

  • The AP Stylebook – used by journalists and news professionals (never fall in my field)
  • Strunk and White – for general writing.
  • APA style – for scientific development, college paper etc.
  • MLA Handbook – Content which includes Historical, art, literature and social issues.






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