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Is This The Future Of Smartphones – Mi Mix Alpha

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Xiaomi the biggest smartphone brand of India recently announced an upcoming smartphone with crazy 180% screen. This new phone is called Mi Mix Alpha.

We have seen a lot of display designs in 2 years since Apple launched Notched display. In the smartphone market, we have displays like Waterdrop notch, Fullscreen displays with popup cameras and Edge curved screens like Samsung Edge. But now we have started to see a new type of display called WaterFall display. These displays are curved around the edge way more than Samsung Edge. Xiaomi is taking this WaterFall display to a new crazy level with Mi Mix Alpha.

Mi Mix Alpha is almost covered with screen from front to rear panel. The surround screen meets at a junction where the rear camera is situated. The phone is made all of screen and the screen itself handles the responsibility of side buttons of the device. The screen is pressure sensitive for volume buttons. The status bar of the device with information like cellular signals, time and battery percentage all of these are present on the side of the phone. Xiaomi is almost giving 180% of screen to body ratio.

Xiaomi is using 108MP camera in Mi Mix Alpha and there is no front camera because you can just flip the phone backside and click the image. The 108MP camera will produce images of 27MP because it will combine the pixels in the form of 2×2 just like Mi Note 7 gives 12MP images from 48MP camera.

In looks, Mi Mix Alpha is one of its kind on this Planet with specs of this device is, there is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ processor, 5G connectivity, 12GB RAM, 512GB storage and the crazy 40W wired fast charging, with a battery of 4050mAh.

The cost of this device is not going to be cheap it is going to cost a lot. For now, this device is in concept but it will go on production this December on a small scale for 19,999 yuan which equals to $2,800 and ₹1,98,645.

108MP Camera sample

mi mix alpha camera sample

Preview of the device:



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