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KDE Connect app [Connect Windows and Android]

KDE connect
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KDE Connect is an application for linking android devices with the pc, and now it’s available for Windows users and you can get it in two clicks. Before going to download, let’s discuss the features of KDE Connect.

KDE Connnect Features

  1. Copy and paste between your devices.
  2. Browse the remote file system.
  3. Use your phone as a mouse and keyboard for Windows.
  4. Manage your Android notifications from Windows.
  5. Automatically pause or mute all media when you receive a call.
  6. You can transfer and share any URLs.
  7. Use your phone as a remote control for media players for your PC.
  8. Control presentations (and cursor) using your phone.
  9. Run custom commands on the desktop remotely.
  10. Ring your phone for quick access.
  11. Read phone battery and signal strength on desktop.

The app is completely secure, every single piece of data remains in the device. Recently, Windows Store became much useful than it was in past, some new applications like OBS Studio, Canva, and KDE Connect made an appearance in the store and now it is much easier to install and use KDE Connect.

Steps to download and set up the KDE Connect

  1. Download KDE Connect on your Android device from here.
  2. Download KDE Connect on your Windows device from here. 
  3. Make sure both devices are connected to the same network.
  4. Open KDE Connect in your Android and Windows.
  5. You will see Desktop Name in KDE Connect on Android device, click the device you want to pair. It will show the REQUEST PAIRING button, click it.KDE Connect pairing request -
  6. You will receive a pairing request on Windows PC, accept that request.KDE Connect pairing notification in Windows
  7. Now, you are connected.

After connecting devices just click the options you see on your Android device to perform that action. It’s as simple as it sounds.

How to Control Windows With Android

how to control Windows with android

How to use the phone as a mouse on Windows PC

Go to the KDE Connect on your Android device. Click Remote Input. You can use your finger to move the cursor, click with a single finger will work as left-clicking. For right-clicking, you have to use two fingers to tap on the Android screen and for middle-click, you have to click using three fingers. To drag and drop you have to long-press and move the cursor.

How to use the phone as a Keyboard on Windows PC

Inside Remote Input click the Keyboard button on Top-right and start typing, every keystroke will be written on your PC.

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