All Love is Expansion, all selfishness is contraction

all love is expansion, all selfishness is contraction,
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The above given statement is a famous quote by Swami Vivekanand, an Indian reformer and a monk. He stated that,” All Love is expansion, all selfishness is contraction,” Love is therefore the only law of life. He who loves lives, he who is selfish is dying, basically he wants to convey that, love to live like we breath to live and ignore selfishness as it paves the path to solitary or unhappy life and ultimately death.

A person never born with a selfish or lovely behavior or nature but it is the choice and condition that makes them one, thus, being selfish is either chosen or forced to choose because of any worse condition, but in it both cases, it harms the individual and sometimes it’s surrounding also. So, why did a person choose a selfish life? It might be some because of some goals or dream, hard times and many more reasons. Thus, for personal development and the perception to see things, make people to ignore relations, good behavior, responsibility and accepts solitariness. When a person is broken, dumped and ignored and kicked out, then that selfishness is more dangerous as he/she may turned into evil. Thus, everyone should treat every other with love and compassion to stop people to make evil because of lack of respect and sympathy. So, with the option of choosing selfish life, he reason may be achieving some goals, love loneliness and many more, but the consequences of every selfish behavior is solitary, as after achieving the goal, the selfish person left with his/her shadow to enjoy the victory, similar to the condition after war, where the both sides left with sorrow and dead bodies and no one to celebrate.

A person does not die when the soul comes out of the body, but the person dies every day when happiness goes away from their life. And of course, selfishness obstructs he happiness. For a life to live, one should posse’s happiness of nature, friends, relations and strangers too, without these the life is without soul. Like, take an instance of the rule by Britishers, after the revolt of 1857 on Indians. Britishers tried to divide the people of India on the basis of caste, religion, creed, posts and standards, so that a union cannot be formed, that could defeat them. And till today, after 100 of years we can feel the presence of that difference resulting in the death of thousands. Thus, the selfish interest of British broke the love among people, that’s why we considered them as evil even after they did some good work for people.


While, Love is an inherent characteristic which everyone carries by birth, but some stays with it and some move away. Love is the way of life and only solution to every issue. Like, the love of the mother to her child during birth has so much power that it is considered that love could prevent any kind of disease and health problems. Love does not only mean ‘happiness’ but respect, expansion, helping nature etc. Because, even a drunk ma is happy, but it does not mean he is lovely, instead he is harmful or dangerous. Thus, to live a beautiful and aromatic life happiness should be share, hand should be lent, and respect should be given.

Because, love is the only feeling with no exception and disadvantages. Love is not mortal like selfishness as love survive even after life, but latter died with the death of human, Like, when a person help other, respect other without self-cause, the person become idol for many, and their teaching survive for generations. As we know, Swami Vivekanand, Mahatma Gandhi and Bhagat Singh and so on, but did not know any British officials who ruled us for their interest only. As someone has said,

“We are more alive, when we’re in Love”.

Concluding, for a better society to live, every person should spread or posse’s love so as to minimize the lonely surrounding from an Individual’s life. And the way to spread love is “To Talk”, so that everyone could enjoy each other company. And also, a person should dump their selfish behavior, as this nature only hurts an individual and sometimes other’s also.




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