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Made in India GPS, Soon in smartphones named NAVIC

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The Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS), with an operation name NAVIC ( NAVigation with Indian Constellation or in Hindi ‘navigator’) is an Indian regional navigational system that provides more accurate real-time and positioning service than GPS.

India’s own GPS, “NAVIC”:

GPS(Global Positioning System) developed by America is so much common in smartphones, vehicle and other devices. Now, ISRO has developed India’s own navigation system known as NAVIC. Some of the points one should know are :

  • During Kargil War 1999, India was dependent on GPS to locate the position of enemy militants, but the american government refused Indian to operate their satellite to locate them. Thus, the need to develop own navigation system occur.
  • NAVIC is more accurate than GPS of America.
  • NAVIC provides absolute position accuracy of 10 m for commercial use and 0.1 m for military use.
  •  List of Satellite or constellation consists of 7 active satellite.
  • IRNSS is in contact with Qualcomm and Broadcom to integrate support for NAVIC in smartphones.
  • As part of the project, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) opened a new satellite navigation center within the campus of ISRO Deep Space Network (DSN) at Byalalu, in Karnataka on 28 May 2013.
  • ISRO is planning to extend the area covering by increasing the number of satellite from 7 to 11.

India's own GPS, NAVIC,


  • NAVIC of India is more accurate than GPS.
  • NAVIC depend on S and L band frequency while GPS depend only on L band frequency, that is why NAVIC is more accurate.
  • The NAVIC position accuracy is 5-10 m while GPS accuracy is 20-30 m.

difference between GPS and NAVIC,

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