Mi Air Charger -The Charger We Need?

Air Charger
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The use of smartphone increased in the pandemic, charging the phones are always a hassle, the average charge time of a phone is almost 60 to 90 minutes think what more productive things we can do in that time, to solve the problem we had two approaches: make a bigger battery and make a battery which doesn’t need the charging, we are not able to build both. Xiaomi came with a new approach that is called Air Charging technology.

This concept is much complex than it sounds, the hub of the Charger detects the accurate position of the device in the area and transmits waves directly to the smartphone, the antenna inside the phone will convert the received signals to electric energy. The obstacles between the transmitter and receiver won’t affect the transmission of the waves.

The current developed technology is able to charge multiple devices at the same time but only supports limited meters and watts.

In the past, we have seen technologies that transmit electric energy from electric bulb to the device. But, those never came into the light of public consumption. There are still many flaws in this technology. Xiaomi’s Air Charging concept seems quite promising, the company claims to make your house full wireless in the upcoming future. Now you don’t have to think of feeling bad when your charging slot is far from your bed.



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