National Water Ways : Major Transport Network in India

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The Inland or Water ways transport has a vast network in India. But, India utilize only 0.1 % of its original capacity. The Present Government has taken many decision to promote Water Ways with various scheme and Act.

Government Approach:

The Present Government is doing good for nature as well as the people of nation. By considering the importance of Water Ways, Our government is protecting nature from more pollution via Roadways and Airways and also this transport network will provide a lot of jobs to unemployed.

  • Jal Marg Vikas Project, is being implemented for capacity augmentation on Haldia – Varanasi stretch for a distance of 1,390 km, with the technical and financial assistance from the World Bank. The estimated cost is Rs. 5369 crores, of which Rs. 2000 crores worth of work is already completed. Of the three multi-modal terminals being built on river Ganga under JMVP, the one at Varanasi is already operational and second at Sahibganj will be ready by mid-2019.inland waterways, jal marg vikas project,
  • National Water Ways Act, 2016 – Under this act 106 new National water ways will be built in India, of which development work of 8 are in full swing. The existing 5 water ways will made a sum of total 111 National water ways in India.

National waterways Act 2016,

Comparison between Waterways, Roadways and Railways:

Factor Considered            Rates Considered (Rs./TKm)      Source
Waterways RoadWays Railways
Air Pollution 0.03 0.202 0.0366 Planning Commission
Noise Pollution Negligible 0.0032 0.0012 PIANC
Soli & Water Pollution Negligible 0.005 Nil PIANC
Emission of GHGs 0.0006 0.0031 0.0006 12th FYP

Benefit of Waterways:

  • Emission of Carbon dioxide, in comparison to 28 g by Rail, 64 g by Road, waterways account only 15 g of Carbon dioxide per tonne – km.
  • Lower energy consumption, i.e. waterways need lower energy to carry more weight than other two ways.
  • It eases congestion on Road and Rail networks.
  • A/c to World bank analysis, Water ways can provide direct or indirect jobs to 1.5 lakh people.
  • Waterways also promote River Tourism. Like, International publication ‘Conde Nast Traveler’ listed Ganga cruise as one of the ‘six river cruise to take in 2017’.
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