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New Year resolutions, 2019 plans

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Every year, ever person make a list full of rules and regulations, that they believe, they will follow in the next coming year. But reality is that, almost everyone failed to follow their own resolutions.  This is because of their low determination and sometimes situations also. But If you really want some change in your schedule, you must have some solid ideas and energetic mind to do it. Here are some of the list a person can do easily and must do for the welfare of individuals and society also. These good habits and schedule can help you and the environment for better growth.

new year list,
1. It is difficult to stay without lying in real world, so don’t promise yourself that you will not lie from next year but determined yourself that you will not support any lie which hurt and create loss to someone.
2. Proper dressing, good haircut, proper beard style etc. may be your one resolution that you want to execute next year so that you can get good company, but research suggest that good look only attract good looking people, but good heart attract good people. So, try to convert yourself as a good person instead of good looking.
3. Burn your ego. Ego is the reason behind many breakups between relations. If you see behind you can realize. So, burn your ego and accept the reality.
4. Tight schedule, from morning to night, not always works. Instead, create a schedule full of enjoyment and with proper time for study, job and that belongs to you. But enjoyment is needed.
5. If you want to stay happy, become a good listener. It will help you to resolve issues, inspire others, and good listening is a great way toward good conversation.

6. Some youth make a resolution that they will build up their muscles, going to gym. But due to lack of time, they missed. So, instead of gym, practice Yoga, meditation and small walk in morning. Wake early or try to wake early this could helps you in many ways.
7. Stress, reduce stress level with appropriate ways which are stated in this article.

new you,

These above all resolution are some basic one. For every individual it differs. But for a better tomorrow a person should follow these basic rules. And with a new year make a new you with good, deserving, disciplined, happy and lovely you,

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