One-Sided-Love, Strength or Weakness

One sided love,
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         You can sacrifice and not love. But you cannot love and not sacrifice.  

                                                                                                     Kris Vallotton

Admit it or not, but almost everyone must have felt the pain of “One Sided Love” once. The reason may be your crush is in relationship with someone else, or they must not be interested in love. There may be a lot of reason for not being in a relationship.

  • The person had an relationship, which has already ruined his/her feelings.
  • The person wants to focus on his/her career instead of wasting time on love.
  • Family is non-supportable on love of the person.
  • The Person fear, if there will be any bad consequence either emotionally or socially.
  • The Person wants you as a friend only.

one sided love,

The above all situations, sometimes ruined one’s life badly. A bright and intelligent person end up with solitary life or introvert. Person who love someone truly, sometimes end up with disappointed and someone who are playing games won. So, below are some interesting fact that may help you once in your life.

alone boy, infoclusters.comIf You Want To Stay in One-Sided-Relationship:

Never irritate your dear one with your personal emotion:

Sometimes it happen that even after accepting the rejection, person tend to show emotion to his/her crush which irritates them. Consequences may be harmful for you individually . So behave like a mature person and talk like a friend only. It will help you to stay in contact with that person whose presence boosts you.

Make the boundaries:

Make the boundaries for yourself for your crush as well as their boundaries towards you. Like, if they need shoulder to wipe out their tear, it’s should not be your. Make sure that you are not available to him/her every time. Similarly, you too do not expect anything important from your love.

Accept your love’s ‘NO’ seriously:

There are a lot of reason to say NO to go for a relationship which are already mentioned above. So try to get the reason of saying NO. It may come under the one which are listed above. Accept their decision, support their view and behave with them according to the reason behind saying No. Do not get angry and sometimes doing emotional blackmail because someone has say, “Love can not be rise by means of force”.

Staying in One-Side-Love or facing rejection results in a bad situation of individuals. So, there are a lot of ways to be happy even after rejection. More ever, Staying in relationship with above condition do not work longer as you are also a human being who need love. So, there are lot of reason and ways to move on for your happiness. Yes, it is sometime not practical in real life but can be if you will try.

  • Make yourself busy in work in which you are good. It will help you to gain more knowledge about your skill subject and also distract you from negative emotions. Solitary life sometimes is the reason of unhappiness. So make yourself busy.
  • Talk to your family twice than you talk earlier. Family’s voice or those who are your close ones voice have a healing power which will hear your sadness and give you a temporary relief.
  • Find a right person. Don’t let your happiness to a hand who don’t care. Move on and find a right person who love you. Care about them as they feel the same for you as you are feeling for your love. So don’t leave them behind falling in well of sadness, help them and love them.
  • Focus on your carrier, and become practical in life. Don’t burn your feeling but store them for right person. But till that time make yourself that much capable that you can get all that you want.

new love.

Yes, above all is not much for a pained person but it’s a engine that may help you to start your life from yard to open sea. Many things may relate with your life so change yourself for your better future. Don’t ruin your life for a single person, Think about your family, friend, Environment and everything that please humans. Conclude with a line

” Become Selfish to get Success in Life as Invention are born alone”



Written by Vivek Kumar

Hello! I am Vivek Kumar, a Computer Science Engineer.


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