One year of Pulwama terror attack: A black day for whole nation

pulwama attack,
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14th Feb 2019, was one of the worst day in Indian history, as India lost her 40 brave-heart soldiers in a cowardly terror attack by Pakistan-backed Jaish-e-Mohammad in Pulwama district of Kashmir. India avenged the death of those soldier through air strike at different training site of terrorists in Pakistan. But, Is it enough?

Air strike at Balakot: Is it enough?

On 26 Feb 2019, India confirmed the air strike at different terrorist camp, and causing the death of “large number” of terrorists. Still, they are more active and conducting insurgency and killing innocent and security forces. Alone in 2019-2020, India has lost 140 security forces even after the alarmed attack at Pulwama. India has raised the issue of terrorism at different International platform. Like, Prime Minister Modi, always talks about eradicating the terrorism from world map at every International Platforms.

But this is not enough. A speech at International platform like UN, cannot eradicate terrorism. It needs more action like Surgical Strike and Air Strike, conducted by Indian Army and Indian Air force respectively.Terrorism in Pakistan and insurgency in India, can only be eradicated if both the neighbor countries work together. But this is impossible, and after Abrogation of Ar. 370, it became a day-dream that Pakistan would help India in eliminating the terror groups. Thus, India is practically alone in fight against terrorism in south Asia.

Government Approach and Decisions

Government of India has taken and implemented several decision to eliminate terrorism from Pakistan as well as some Internal terrorism. After Pulwama attack, India did not seen any major terror attack but still we lose 140 security forces. It shows the decision taken by government is not appropriate or are not implemented successfully. Some of the decision which would reduce the death of Indian soldier to “Zero” could be:

  • A great cemented wall at the border with Pakistan, like the border between Israel and its neighbor countries.
  • More use of advance technology at border, like thermal weapons to detect insurgency at night.
  • Government should provide best of all, bullet-proof jacket to soldiers deployed at attack-prone areas like Kashmir and Rajasthan border.
  • The soldiers should be provided with advanced weapons to fight against terrorism. Like, border force should be more available with Snipers, so that they can kill terrorists without any own casualties.
  • Diplomatic approach is also required to pressurize Pakistan, so that they can not support terrorism.

Indian Armed Forces are fighting at their best with terrorism at all front and protecting us from any Mumbai like attack. But, the people of India needs to be more supportive to our armed forces and encourages and respect them to achieve their target to eradicate terrorism, so that we can live a peaceful life.


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