A people that values its privileges above its principles loses both

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Misuse of Privilege is seen as the worst sin       ~ Jon Ronson

The above statement ” A people that values its privileges above its principle loses both” is a hidden and harsh truth of the society. Privileges are some advantages or special rights provided or inherited by someone and principles are the responsibility of individual or a society toward nature, humankind, or anything on and outside Earth.

The fresh and open example of this is Nature. All the people of world have right or having privilege to use nature in positive way, like for breathing, farming, moving etc. But we have some responsibility also to protect them, because without them we are nothing. Hence, protecting nature should be one of the most prior principle of individuals. But, what we are doing?, we are exploiting the nature. Here are some recent fact which verified the topic:

  • The number of Asiatic Elephant is decreasing day by day and it is expected that, they will become extinct by 2030. We are not fulfilling our responsibility to protect them, but utilizing our privilege to use Elephant as our vehicle, Circus element, and many more. If we loose them we will lose one of the great part of our diversity. Then, our privilege also will vanished because no elephant will be there to use hence principal also dies.
  • Above Point is for just single animal. But we are doing worst with the environment. Pollution via any reason is harming the equity. Like Burning cracker in Diwali, New Year, Christmas, Olympics, we considered it as our privilege. But we forget our responsibility to protect them. SC of India order to burn cracker for limited time, this was a great step to fulfill the principal of humankind toward nature.

Another Example is reservation for marginalized section of society. SC/ST caste are given privilege in every field of economy because they are considered as backward caste. Similar with minority community like Muslims,Sikhs in India. Government principle to uplift backward people is good, but in ground level those who need this reservation are lacking, and prosper people are misusing this. Like, the case of three sisters in Delhi, they died of Hunger, they all were under 12. Actually, they need reservation. Every prosper people should have a principle to protect and help others, but people are enjoying their privilege. Thus, backward and minority community get reservation, because we prosper and higher class people forget the principle to help backward people and are enjoying our privilege.

Principle or Responsibility cannot be taught or forced, but should be internal feeling, because this is the need of prosper and happy society. Otherwise, people will loose their privilege as well as principle which was their second priority and privilege as first.




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