Pseudo Feminism v/s Feminism

feminism vs pseudo feminism
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We all grew up in an environment where violence is at a peak against the weaker section of the society. And those weaker section includes minorities and majorities, males and females, young and child, rich and poor, upper and lower and so on. We, as an individual do care about the rights and suffering of others but in the way to it, sometimes we forgot the innocents, who belong to the opposition. One such case is “Pseudo Feminism”.

What is Feminism?

Feminism is an idea, social movement, political movement and a step to attain, establish and achieve the political, social, economic and personal equality among all sexes. Feminists are the persons who are working hard toward achieving this common goal. Meanwhile, some of them had created a different sense or definition of Feminism, which is only focusing on the suffering of women and their empowerment while ignoring the suffering and problems of males.

Ideas of Feminism 

  • The goal of feminism is to create non-discrimination, which is essential for creating equality to ensure that no one is denied their rights due to factors such as race, gender, language, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, political or other beliefs, nationality, social origin, class, or wealth status.
  • Feminism seeks to achieve equal treatment and opportunity for women and men to achieve similar opportunities across different fields of work and culture and equal respect in a variety of roles.

We all know history, how males dominate the world and women had no right. Women were treated as objects, slaves and given no rights. Later with the modernization of the world, the world provided rights to women which started with giving them the right to vote in France after the French Revolution to equal rights as of males. But, is this enough? are male and female equal? There are a lot of questions like these that are raised by many feminists. And yes they are right. But the problem is that the maximum is unaware of the real definition of feminism, and they are exploiting in different ways, that we called “Pseudo Feminism”.

Pseudo Feminism

While empowering women and encouraging feminism, some feminists and their followers are not using it in the right manner and trying to dominate males. Their ideas are radically different from real Feminism and are harmful. Presently, Males are feeling the same fear that women feared in the past and the misfortune is, no one believes that a male is suffering.

How they treat Males?

  • They think that Females had suffered a lot and this is the time to do vice versa. Mainly, they work for female domination, which is not the idea of feminism because of the latter beliefs inequality.
  • They believe that Females should be respected in such a manner that, if women do not have seat in public transport, then male should give their seat and if they don’t do this, they teach them the lesson of feminism and etiquette by accusing them of “hindrance to women empowerment”. 
  • They want to be treated as special or as a privileged person, just because they are born as a ‘girl’. Which is totally against equality.
  • For them, questioning the dressing style of women is against feminism but questioning men’s dressing style is their right.
  • Fake Rape acquisition, molestation, and harassment have become common for them to dominate men if the latter did not treat them specially.
  • They believe that if a female is dumped by a male then, “All men are dogs” but if a male is dumped by a female, then females are helpless and have taken a good decision for their future.

There are a lot of things that are related to this and we all are observing these around our society. But we or men cannot do anything and are suffering silently because:

  • We believe male cannot be harassed and raped,
  • We believe male cannot be deprived by their right,
  • We believe male do not cry and have a strong heart,
  • We believe male is very strong to suffer any situation,
  • We believe, ……….

In this world, everyone who is weaker is treated badly and are suffering, but the organization or people who are working for their rights are limited to paper and speech only. Similarly, feminism is limited to the luxury of some individuals only, because still millions of women in the farthest area are suffering and the feminists are changing the word “womyn” from “women”. The changing of the word cannot help the needy and also dominating men is also not required. Women empowerment should work parallel with the right of men also. As if we give more power to one, the other will dominate and the cycle resume again and again.

“Think For Equality Not For Domination”

Written by Vivek Kumar

Hello! I am Vivek Kumar, a Computer Science Engineer.


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