Recover your lost phone, without pinging Police.

find your lost phone,
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Whenever you lost your phone, first thing a person do is to file a case in police station and then close or off the sim card. But no one try any way to find the phone. Even, police having sufficient technology, still show inability to find individuals phone, but in case of big case they did in hours. This is because police has more prior cases than finding individual phone.

They too find the stolen phone by the Unique number provided to every mobile phone. Whenever the thief put the sim card inside the phone, the location of phone start showing. The sim company can give the data about the location of the phone. This all can be done by you also.


The unique number that is provided to every mobile phone is called IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identify) No. To get this number follow these steps:

IMEI no.,

  • Dial *#06# by your mobile phone.
  • It will prompt the IMEI number for the sim slot, if there are two sim slot, it will give you two IMEI number.
  • Save that IMEI number, but don’t save in your mobile phone, save it elsewhere so that you can recover it.
  • Send the details written below, to [email protected]

how to get IMEI no,

Details includes :

Your Name , Address, Phone Model, Last used no, Missed Date and IMEI no.

This might help you in recover your lost or stolen phone.

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